• Brady Thomas

This is National Police Week!

This is a week to recognize police officers for the sacrifices they make in the name of public safety.

Someone once said to me, “You deal with extraordinary events on a routine basis." I realized how police officers can live in a world that is different from those around them. I think one could see how this could have an effect on a police officer's life.

One of the things I have found interesting about being a police officer is the range of emotions one can experience during their shift. It is not uncommon for a police officer to frequently deal with situations that the average person may deal with once in their life. A police officer can be at an accident scene helping other emergency responders get an injured person out of a vehicle and moments later be called to someone’s home because their child will not get out of bed for school.

Most police officers truly enjoy what they do and they do it for the right reasons. Every one of them absolutely make sacrifices for the greater good. This is a week to recognize that sacrifice. Thank you to police officers for what you do to make our community a better place.

Saturday, May 15, is National Peace Officers Memorial Day. This is a day in which we honor those who lost their lives in the line of duty and flags are to be flown at half-staff.

You might ask yourself what you can do to show your appreciation. One thing I would suggest, give a friendly wave to an officer next time you see them out on the road.