• Brady Thomas

In a word, 'humility'

A county employee who works at the courthouse sent me a question. I told her I would address it in a post. In paraphrasing her question, she asked how I, as Sheriff, would be receptive to input from the people around me. She expressed disappointment in prior experiences.

Some time ago, a mentor of mine sent me a link to an article and said it reminded them of me when they read it. I thought it was very fitting for this question. Below, I have addressed the employee’s question and quoted a few lines from the article. I included a link to the article at the end to give proper credit.

I could answer her question with one word - humility. I believe humility is a key leadership trait. The article states, “humble people willingly seek accurate self-knowledge and accept their imperfections while remaining fully aware of their talents and abilities. They appreciate others’ positive worth, strengths, and contributions and thus have no need for entitlement or dominance over others.” The article continues by saying, “A humble person who is willing to accept feedback from others will naturally be able to work well with others. Humility within leadership encourages teamwork and produces more effective and efficient results.”

The article also says there is “false humility” in leadership and it can cause others to lose respect and trust for the leader. “False humility is more insulting than open pride. Unlike genuine humility, false humility can be extremely detrimental to the success of your organization”. (https://www.jhconline.com/humilitys-role-in-leadership.html)

As Sheriff, I will seek ideas and opinions from other people and from those who are the experts in their profession. I will seek guidance and recommendations and use this information to carefully make decisions. #votethomasmay3