• Brady Thomas

Changes needed to security protocols at the Courthouse

The security at the DeKalb County Courthouse needs to be reevaluated. If I am elected as the next Sheriff of DeKalb County, I will change two key protocols that are most inconvenient and unwelcoming for those that visit and work at the courthouse.

First, I will eliminate the ban on cell phones that the current Sheriff petitioned the County Commissioners to implement. I think the ban is unnecessary, unreasonable, and highly inconvenient for the public that needs to conduct business in the courthouse. We all know how much we depend on our cellphones to access all types of information. I know people that would like to attend more public meetings, but are on-call for work, or run a business and cannot be away from their cellphone for that length of time. Not to mention the numerous people that have made their way to the entry doors to find out they cannot have their cellphone and had to walk back to their vehicle to return their cellphone. This may not be a problem for many people, but for others, it is an unnecessary hardship.

Second, I would allow courthouse employees to bypass security. Employees shouldn't be made to feel as if they work in a prison and cannot be trusted. This protocol slows down entry into the building and creates a negative vibe as our county employees start their workday. If we trust them to oversee some of the most important parts of our county's government, can we not trust them to bypass the security check?

I am confident that by working and collaborating with the County Commissioners and other officials, we will be able to adjust the courthouse's security so that it is effective and reasonable. Doing so will give county residents a more positive perspective of the courthouse and the work that goes on there. Instead of feeling intimidated by the stringent "dos and don'ts," citizens can be made to feel as if the courthouse is there to serve them.

Part of my campaign's focus is to rebuild relationships with area police agencies to provide all residents of our county a comprehensive, cooperative police force. I think the same type of relationship can be rebuilt or enhanced when it comes to the DeKalb County Courthouse and the residents it serves.