"Before starting my career at the sheriff's department, I was in the Marine Corps, worked in real estate, and in accounting. I believe that my array of knowledge and experience plays an important part in my judgement and understanding of people"

Brady Thomas's Platform

Below I have outlined several things that would be a priority for me as your Sheriff. I welcome the opportunity to talk to you more about any of these issues!



New Jail Plan

I believe the county income tax should not be raised at this time to pay for a new jail, although I understand that it is an issue that needs serious and timely consideration.


In 2018, the county commissioners opted to prioritize building a new community corrections center rather than a new jail. A ten-year bond was issued, and the plan at that time was to build a new jail after the bond was paid off. The intent was that the work release program would reduce the jail population, which in turn would delay the need for a new jail. 


The Community Corrections Center has not been open long enough to accurately assess this impact. I feel we should continue to take steps to adequately maintain the jail to safely serve inmates and protect employees while we explore the most feasible way to build a jail in a timely and fiscally responsible way. 

Fiscal Responsibility

As a fiscally conservative sheriff, I will spend the public's tax dollars as carefully as I do my own.  



Courthouse Security

Eliminate the current ban prohibiting cell phones in the courthouse, and consider the option of allowing county employees to bypass security. 

Positive Public Engagement

Assume a more active role in the community and facilitate a robust public education program. 

           • Partner with other organizations to hold child safety fairs and workshops

• Implement a crime prevention program which can:

-Assist residents and business owners with robbery and burglary prevention measures

-Teach fraud and scam prevention classes to the public

• Use social media to increase communication with citizens

Satellite Offices

Seek partnerships with schools and/or other entities to set up small satellite offices for patrol officers, allowing them to have a more significant presence outside of our base in Auburn.  

Jail Programs for Inmates

Focus on exploring additional jail programs and expanding existing programs that have proven effective in providing inmates with skills to help them successfully re-enter our community when they are released, and reduce recidivism rates.


Support problem-solving courts such as Veteran's Treatment Court, Family Restoration Court, and Drug Court. 


Make public an annual report on the "State of the Sheriff's Department" to include the following information:

• Total calls for service and types, traffic warnings and citations issued, number and type of traffic accidents handled, miles driven by deputies and fuel used, budget information, overtime hours worked, number of jail bookings and releases, average daily population, number of civil papers processed, employee count and positions held.


Improve Staff Morale & Increase Retention

• Be easily accessible to employees.

• Implement strategies and techniques to improve communication and organization throughout the department. 

• Focus on increasing employee morale.

• Provide clear expectations of all employees, consistent supervision, and regular feedback on performance.

• Advocate for pay that is comparable to other area departments. 

Increase Staff Recruiting

Strive to be competitive in recruiting new officers to the department by:

• Simplifying and streamlining the application and hiring process.

• Providing an orientation to applicants to include an overview of DeKalb County highlighting the appeal of living and working in our community, and

• Working to develop incentives to officers who wish to transfer from another department. 

Improve the Working Relationship with Other Agencies

Rebuild relationships with area police agencies to provide all residents of our county a comprehensive, cooperative police force.